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What is webmail used for Top 10 Email Server Online

What is webmail used for: Top 10 Email Server Online?

Getting email is now necessary because whether you are doing the job or you have your own business. You need an email to transfer files, have meetings, and a lot more things. Not just for the office purpose you can need an email for different purposes. 

Types of Emails 

There are two types of emails that we usually utilize. 

  1. Email Clients
  2. Webmail 

As now you are aware of the types of emails now you must aim to know what is the difference between these two.

Therefore, Now is the time to known

What is Webmail vs Email?

What is an Email Client?

Email clients are applications that you can install on your desktop and from there you can send, receive, and read emails. This you can utilize from a single computer. Moreover, If we talk about the storage then it can be provided from the ISP server or user computer. 

For Example, Microsoft Outlook and iCloud Mail are considered Email Clients. 

What is Webmail?

Webmail accounts are those which are web-based. As an email Client, you don’t need to take access from a single computer because there you can take access from any computer.  You can access it from an internet connection. That also demonstrates you cannot get access to any draft, sent emails, or any data, if you are offline. To get access you have to look for an internet connection. Furthermore, The storage of it used to be provided by the Webmail servers. If you have a business or you have to use mail constantly then you should go towards webmail.  It will suit you perfectly because of its features. 

As of now, you are aware of What is webmail vs Email.  This is the time to move to the next step which is about “Top 10 Email Server Online”

These are the Top 10 Email Servers online, To know the details about them you have to scroll down!

  1. Cox Webmail 
  2. 1 and 1 Webmail Or Webmail ionos
  3. Bluehost webmail
  4. Zoho Mail
  5. AOL Mail
  6. GMX Mail
  8. Yahoo Mail
  9. Yandex Mail
  10. ProtonMail


Cox Communication is an email server that you have to utilize online. You can get access to any computer online through Cox Webmail. You can utilize it for your business because it is a hosting provider. That is why your employee and you can check any email no matter if it is an old email or a new one from any computer. Moreover, Cox Webmail can handle it more easily than anything else. You can handle it with smartphones or tablets. 

When we create the business, we require multiple things such as a website, Phone number, Emails, etc. 1 and 1 Webmail Or Webmail IONOS are one of the web-based email servers. With this, you can have your own email Domain. With 1 and 1 Webmail, You can bestow your emails professional look. Furthermore, Webmail IONOS can assist you to manage your contact and your meeting schedules, and any information at a signal spot by creating folders.   

BlueHost is a company that provides hosting services. It is known as one of the best hosting providers. Not just it, Bluehost also provides different services such as it provides personal email addresses. When you get the hosting service from Bluehost, You get the number of emails according to that. For Example: If you take the basic plan you will get almost five Bluehost webmail and if you bought some other hosting plan then you will get the address related to them. 

If we talk about the Top 10 Email Servers Online then it will be an injustice. If we are not going to count Zoho Mail. It is a free platform where you can obtain a free email hosting service. It gives you full privacy so you can be protected from fake emails. Whether you are a small business or some personal matter you can definitely utilize it. 

If you prefer to communicate via email, this is the option for you. It is also a web based email service provider. In AOL Mail you can easily get access to handle it by using mobile. It will allow you an unlimited mailbox size.  Moreover, It also aids you to manage AOL Calendar. 

If you are one of them who needs multiple emails with one inbox in the center. GMX’s abbreviation is Global Mail Exchange. GMX Mail can be accessed via webmail, POP3, and IMAP4. In GMX mail you can store any data such as images, videos, contacts, etc. This also provides high security for your data. 


On You can select 200+ Domains when you will be creating an email address. You can go for an area that matches your profession, lifestyle, location, or things related to that. This invention of the webmail system offers email, cloud storage, and online office solutions for home users, freelance professionals, and small businesses.

Although Yahoo is a search engine. It also offers different services as well. As we all want to stay away from spam emails. There it can aid you because it has the facility to block spam mail. In Addition, It will provide good storage space. Its calendar is also easy to use. It can import contact from any file, Google, or outlook account. In short, It has a lot of features that can benefit you in your business. 

The next one of the “Top 10 Email Server Online” is   Yandex which is one of the most well-known search engines in Russia since 2001. Just like most webmail, it also offers the security which you need to stay away from spam mail. What makes it special is its features which are different from the rest of the webmail such as a timer, customizable interface and you can access other Yandex Mail services. Moreover, You can have more than 10- GB of cloud storage. 

Since 2014, Proton mail has been in the market. It offers you paid and Free plans. By taking the free plan you can know how it works and if you find it suitable so you can buy their premium package according to your need and if you don’t really feel that you need it so you can ignore it. But there is almost no chance of you getting disappointed. ProtonMail offers services for every business. You can also expect full privacy from it. You can also manage the email expiry date. Moreover, It is available for every mobile no matter if it is android or iOS.  

In a Nutshell

In this Blog, We filled your queries about what is webmail used for and We have mentioned the Top 10 Email Server Online such as cox webmail, 1and1 webmail, Bluehost webmail, webmail IONOS, etc. Hope You have found them useful for you. If you require any other information, You can surely mention it. We will cover it and will provide you with answers to your almost all queries.

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