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Top Mobile App Development Company | Earning, Developers, Languages

In recent years, there is a booming trend in Mobile App Development. The apps are designed to provide remarkable services, features, and facilities to their users. People are more attracted to smartphones of the latest models rather than computer systems. There are many mobile app development companies on the Internet. But the top mobile app development company is discussed below.

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Which is the best app development company?


This was founded in 2009 and it’s an award-winning app development company across the globe. The Co-founders of it are Bobby Gill & Jordan Gurrieri. BlueLabel consists of 50 to 250 employees that are strategists, innovators, and developers. 

It has offices all around the world and headquarters in the United States. This handles the business challenges with their efficient working. They have a creative team that maintains a high technical standard. 

BlueLabel  is trusted by plenty of famous platforms like Google, Microsoft, Bloomberg, P&G, Time, and many others. It provides everything for the development of an app. 

The specialties of this top mobile app development are design sprints, innovation & strategy, branding, designing & user-testing, development & testing, analytics strategy, marketing & growth strategy, and post-launch support. 

The revenue of this company is $15 million till the previous year. These are advancing day by day because of app development. BlueLabel converts business challenges into beloved products. 

Which app has the highest income?

TikTok is an app for many different purposes and it’s used by people all around the world. This app was launched in 2016 in China. In November 2017, it was named and got revenue of $1 billion. 

This is taken as a social media platform and an entertaining app as well. Till last year, TikTok earned revenue of $4.6 billion. It is expected that year-on-year, it will earn 142% enhancement because of its popularity across the globe. 

Who is the richest app developer?   

The richest app developer across the globe is Kevin Systrom. In 2010, he and his fellow Mike Krieger came up with an astonishing idea. Their main focus was to develop a communication app that allows the posting of photos and videos. Forbes stated that the net worth of Kevin Systrom is $3.4 billion by the 2022 year.

They did that by providing an impressive app popular as Instagram. This Instagram app is one of the top social media platforms. This app has 1.2 billion Monthly Active Users (MAUs) along with 500 million daily active users (DAUs). At this time, this is owned by FaceBook owner Mark Zuckerberg.     

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What are the top 5 courses for mobile app development? 

Everything has a procedure to follow for providing impeccable products. Same as that for mobile app development, there are different courses to do before developing a product. They all are described as follows:

  • IOS Application Development Using Objective-C

For this course, you don’t need any degree in computer science or other fields. As a beginner, you can learn the basics of IOS mobile app development. This course teaches how to build IOS mobile apps by using a language called Objective-C. 

After that, you can organize your code through objects, blocks, and prototypes. The platform that provides the teachings of this course is Coursera. The format includes videos, quizzes, and readings. The link for this course for learning.

  • The Ultimate IOS Course- Learn To Build Apps

Swift is the alternative to Objective-C and it’s the latest programming language. This course uses Swift and it tells how to build IOS apps by using Xcode 9 along with Swift 4. 

For this course, you need a Mac computer and Xcode 9. Furthermore, it offers other things as well like designing apps in Photoshop and Illustrator, How to use ARKit, and How to use WatchKit to make Apple Watch Apps. The platform for this course is Mammoth Interactive

 Learn programming Languages

  • Android Basics By Google Nanodegree

This course is built in collaboration with platforms like Google, Amazon, and Mercedez-Benz. It assists people to become Android developers without any programming learning. 

The main focus of this course is to equip people with the required skills. You need to build Android apps in less time. Furthermore, it gives certifications at the end of this course

  • Build Android App with Java 

The ‘Build Android App with Java’ offers brief teaching basics of Android development. This tells how to use Android Studio and SDK. It also includes the screen layout, coding, testing, and debugging. 

This has a format that involves easy-to-learn and informative videos. The platform to do this course is Team Treehouse. Access to more than 1000+ videos is given at $25 per month. 

  • Android N by Udemy

The main goal of this course is to equip beginners with professional Android developers. In starting of this course, it teaches how to do coding with Java. After that, it tells how to cover Git and Android. 

This includes many other things to make you an efficient App developer. Android N by Udemy requires 6 weeks to learn completely. The platform for this course is Udemy.  

What are the 3 types of mobile apps?

Three types of mobile apps provide many benefits. They all are discussed one by one in the following section:

Native Apps

These are developed for a particular type of device platform or OS like Android and iPhone by using a specific coding language. For Android apps, Java or Eclipse is commonly used. The widely used language for iPhone apps is Xcode and Objective-C. 

The Native apps cannot run on different operating systems. You can’t run an iPhone app on an Android smartphone. They offer high-speed performance along with an impressive user interface. Native apps are found in Android apps on Google Play Store, Windows Apps on Microsoft Store, and iPhone apps on App Store.  


  • WhatsApp
  • Spotify
  • SoundCloud

Web Apps/PWA 

When accessed from a mobile device then the responsive websites alter to a different design. Their interface doesn’t change on a mobile screen. The programming languages used in their development are Html5, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby, and many others. 

These are the web programs that specifically run on the mobile device’s screens. They provide a remarkable experience to their users because of their user-friendly interface. 


  • Netflix
  • Microsoft Office
  • Google Office Suite

Hybrid Apps

The hybrid word means ‘mixed character of different elements.’ This is the combination of native apps and web apps. They are produced on a single specific platform. This is found on Google Play Store and Apple’s app store. The languages used in this hybrid app are Swift, Ionic, Objective-C, Html5, and many others. 

These are easy to build and can function offline. It allows a single code base to pursue new features. Compared to other types of mobile app development, this is a cheaper option to use. 


  • Evernote
  • Twitter
  • Gmail

Do mobile apps make money?

Yes, of course! They make money beyond your imagination. All around the world, the revenue of Android and iPhone reached $133 billion in 2021. And in the Android market, it’s increasing by 19% year on year. Furthermore, the iPhone was responsible for contributing 63% of the total revenue of 2021. 

In 2021, the gaming apps contributed 67% in increasing revenue. The subscriptions enhanced %15.5 billion in total revenue. 

The revenue generated by Apple’s app store is more than Google play store. The top 200 apps on Apple’s app store accounted for $82,500 daily. 

Which is the no 1 learning app?

The no 1 learning app across the globe is Google Classroom. This is a combination of web-based technologies that provide remarkable services. Teachers and students from k to 12 and higher education students benefit from it. This learning app is easy to use because of its user-friendly interface. It collaborates with Google Docs, Gmail, Google Meet, Google Sites, Drive, and many others for learning purposes.   

Which are the top 10 mobile app development companies in India?

The top 10 mobile apps development companies in India are given below:

  • IndiaNIC

This is a versatile app development company in India. They provide apps according to business needs. They create cross-platform apps that attract massive amounts of users. It’s a digital product agency with enterprise experience. 

  • Konstant Infosolutions

This is one of India’s top mobile app development companies. It provides solutions for different industries like real estate, eCommerce, healthcare, and numerous others. They offer many other services like the Internet of Things, Cloud technology, Xamarian development, and much more.    


It has an experience of more than 30+ years. This has a team of 300+ consultants that serves quality solutions to customers. Their clients from all around the world are Schneider Electric, PEPSICO, Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), Colgate, and numerous others. 

  • Hyperlink InfoSystem

Hyperlink InfoSystem is a well-known mobile app development company. This was established in 2011 and it offers effective IT solutions to its users. Their clients are from the USA, Japan, the UK, Canada, and other countries.

  • Groovy Web

This helps its clients to outshine in their competitive market by providing them with remarkable apps. It uses the latest technologies to develop an app. The services provided by Groovy Web are analyzing, designing, developing, testing, launching, and many others. 

  • Closeloop Technologies  

They are in the market for developing high-quality apps. It gives the right strategy to carry out an effective action plan. There are many projects like Omnidian, Universal Tennis, Ajna, and several others.    

  • Indus Net Technologies

The core focus of Indus Net Technologies is to develop custom software according to customer’s needs. Mostly, they have start-up companies, enterprises, and much more. 

  • Tech Mahindra

This is a subordinate of Mahindra Group and they are providing app development services to more than 90+ countries. It has a major contribution to many industries of the world. 

  • Fueled

Fueled was founded in 2007 and it provides many services in the IT field. The big clients of this app development company are 9Gag, Harvard, Verizon, and much more. 

  • Tata Consultancy Services

This is India’s most renowned company for providing IT solutions. Tata Consultancy Services was established in 1968. Its offices are in more than 46 countries of the world. 

Final Thoughts:

Mobile app development companies are providing many benefits to people all around the world. They are playing a very important role in enhancing revenue. Furthermore, there are many courses for app development. 

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