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Sniffle app uses Complete Guide History and Benifits

Sniffle app uses Complete Guide : History and Benifits

Sniffle for Patients on the App Store:

Earlier people did not take any specific measures to maintain health.  They treated illness and diseases with magic and herbal remedies.  Now a day s people are trying to maintain good health by adopting a healthy life style, taking balanced diet and by doing regular exercise. Going to doctor for regular medical checkup is also a key step for physical fitness.  But after the covid-19 crises the world has moved towards online platform not only for trading but for medication as well.

One of the telemedicine mobile application is” Sniffle app” which is created by physicians for physicians to treat people in non-emergency situations.  Patients do not need to come to hospitals rather than they can take prescription, buy medicines and get medical advice over the internet.  No doubt it is providing easiness and help to increase adoption of telemedicine but this app. has made virtual care very simple.

Sniffle for Patients on the App Store: HISTORY

Sniffle application is fully interactive map-based, web page for gay, bisexual and bicurious men.  The origin of the name SNIFFLES originally came from a website that was trading Underwear.  The Sniffle app. was launched first time in 2018 by Blake Gallagher in Washington.  It is considered as dating type of web page have web address “” with active current status.

Sniffle app HOW TO USE?

  1. Download the free app from Google Play store or through the browser media.
  2. Create an account and update your profile. Fill up the required information about yourself in profile section like your health status, contact details and other relevant details.
  3. After updating profile, you can use the app.
  4. Book an appointment at any suitable time with specific medical specialist.
  5. Discuss your medical issue with full confidence.


The Sniffle app keeps check and balance on appointment system of physicians and doctors. Online video-based chatting options help to discuss medical problems with your doctor. Patients have to pay only $10 per doctor visit through this app. The 10-dollar doctor visit is quite cheaper and affordable than many doctor visits in different clinics or hospitals. Virtual appointment s cost is fixed by doctors and in case of insurance the company will pay all type of medical bills and consultancy bills.


Following health issues such as eye infection, blood pressure problems, asthma, migraine, ENT problems, respiratory infections, dermal issues and menstrual issues can be treated by virtual meeting with doctors and can be treated by taking medicines.

Sniffle for Patients on the App Store


By using this health app, you must not be worried about security issues. You need not worry about security issues. The authority behind this app strictly monitor all steps like personal information, appointment or virtual meeting with doctors, treatment plans, issuance of prescription, diagnoses of disease and medicines delivery online on time.  Authority works to make all this protect and secure. So, using this app. is very convenient, safe and reliable.

ADVANTAGE of Sniffle App:

There are many advantages that people can avail by using this application;

  • Sniffle Health app aims to provide better healthcare with easy and improving access.
  • Patients should not wait for a longer time to meet a doctor.
  • Telemedicine system connects patients directly to physicians and physicians to other physicians and hospitals for better diagnostic pattern.
  • Compliant box in Sniffle app, quickly register complaints and take action accordingly.
  • Physicians and patients can connect all through the push of button on their mobile phone without membership and subscriptions fee.
  • Free Sniffle app allows doctors to effectively diagnose non-emergency symptoms of patients without leaving their home or office.


The rating for Sniffle app. is 4.6

People like to use this app. because they don’t need to travel so far. They do not need to wait for a doctor like in hospitals. Patients meet with any doctor online without wastage of time. Sniffle mobile a handy app by your side even in difficult situations of your life.

Hopefully, by using this app, people will be able to stay healthy and fit.  Its legal app for use for emergency health care.


Sniffle app. is beneficial and impactful to protect your health and make your life relaxed without stress.

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