Scope of Information Technology and Services


Information technology is the business of manufacturing, collecting, processing, processing, storing, transporting, searching, and using information using computers, communication networks, and other technologies, as well as providing information services. Including software services, design, and testing services for schemes, information system services, business process management services, and additional information system services.

1. Software service:

Refers to business activities related to the provision of software development services, software maintenance services, and software testing services.

2. Design and testing services for the circuit:

Refers to the business activities of providing services for the design of integrated circuits and electronic circuits, testing and related technical support.

3. Information system service:

It relates to ensuring the integration of information systems, network management, website content maintenance, desktop computer management and maintenance, information system applications, integration of the main information technology management platform, information technology infrastructure management, data center, hosting center, information security services, online -antivirus, shared hosting and other activities. Includes network services provided by the website for non-proprietary online games.

4. Business process management services:

This applies to the information provided by Ji Shu, which provides human resources management, financial and business performance management, audit management, tax management, logistics information management, business information management, as well as call center activities and other services.

5. Additional services of the information system:

This applies to the use of information system resources for users with an additional offer of IT services. Including data processing, analysis, and integration, database management, data backup, data storage, disaster recovery services, e-commerce platforms, etc.

Scope of Information Technology is a major part of the different department of every country and Computer science have a good job opportunity


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