How to remove ransomware computer virus with encrypted files

How to remove ransomware computer virus with encrypted files

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The way to removal ransomware virus is not very difficult if you still using your computer and the assailant used this virus then simply put your computer into safe mode and run antivirus software to delete this virus.

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If the virus is in locker diversity then shuts your computer completely, and there are three option available to tackle this problem.

First, delete ransom virus software . Run an antivirus software from an external device or from USB, and run a system restore and try to perform this before the virus file was loaded.

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Here are a few steps on different systems.

How to remove ransom virus from windows 7

Window 7 System Reinstate:

–              Press F8, when PC is in booting up, it helps to take into the advances bootup selection menu.

–              Select repair computer option and then press the Enter button.

–              Then login into your profile (enter user name and password), if you have no account then leave it blank.

–              Choose to Restore your system option.

How to remove ransom virus from windows 8,8.1 and 10.

Window 8,8.1 or 10 system software:

–              When your pc boots up, hold the shift key. If this option does not work, then enter the recovery mode.

–              Select Troubleshoot option.

–              Enter the Advanced option

–              Choose the system restore option.

how to  remove ransomware virus from Android System:

Below are some steps that are used to remove the virus from android devices. Select safe mode option and uninstall doubtful applications. There may be some little difference in different android devices.

–              Boot your device into safe mode.

–              Press the power button and while holding the press button for some seconds, you will see a dialog box. Press power off, when you receive the dialog box then shift your device into safe mode and press ok. Once it converts active mode, try to press and hold menu button, volume down button, volume up buttons or both these buttons to go to into safe mode.

–              Uninstall the doubtful and virus files and any unknown applications, while your device into in safe mode, go to settings then open application manager. Check last-mentioned doubtful applications, select all and then reinstall them all.

how to  remove ransomware virus from Mac Devices:

There are some fewer chances in Mac devices, although if your mac devices infected from this virus then follow these safe mode steps to resolve this.

–              Restart your device to go into safe mode. Press and hold shift key quickly after you listen to the startup music. Release the shift key when the logo of mac devices shows. Safe mode looks on the Mac startup screen.

–              Run the antivirus program to remove the virus files.

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There are many antivirus software’s available to remove this virus, like (Avast, AVG, Avira, Kaspersky, Norton, and Sophos), you can choose any one of them to remove virus from your device.

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