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QVC Program Guide

QVC Program Guide

Radio and Television involve production of news and performance of artists for entertainment.  We watch TV not only for news, entertainment, weather, sports, and education but for music as well.  With the advent of “Live Streaming” the notion of sticking with traditional cable TV has been totally changed.  Live programs send content, live events or accurate information’s to a sizable audience immediately or sometime with a slight delay.  QVC Program Guide is a LIVE BROADCASTS SHOPPING CHANNEL in the United States that offers its viewers televised home-based shopping experience.  QVC stands for Quality Value Convenience and it really offers its consumers a quality, valued and convenience in purchasing and selling items.

BRIEF HISTORY of QVC Program Guide:

Country: United States

Founder: Joseph Segel in June13, 1986 in West Chester, Pennsylvania U.S.A broadcasts more than 350 million household items in seven countries including channels in the UK, Germany, Japan and Italy along with the joint venture with China s National Radio.

Broadcast area: Worldwide

Headquarter: 1200 Wilson Drive, West Chester, Pennsylvania U.S.A 19380


Language: English

Picture Format: 2160p UHDTV, 1080i HDTV
(downscaled to letterboxed 480i for SDTV feed


Owner: Qurate Retail Group

Sister Channels: QVC2 & QVC3

Launched: November24,1986



ABC Owned Television Station: DT4 channel position

Over- the – air (sub-channel)


QVC: Live Stream

Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV

Roku: QVC/HSN app (all QVC & HSN networks

Friendly TV: Internet Protocol Television

COVID-19 pandemic response on-air and online

QVC saw changes during COVID-19 pandemic on March16, 2020 with on-air product representatives with program host and models practicing social distancing.  That program was live via Skype all over the world.  QVC remained live on-air 20 hours a day at that time.  Employees were not only selected from the West Chester, Pennsylvania rather live broadcast was shifted to remote work and all fulfillment centers in Pennsylvania, Virginia, California, and North and South Carolina remained operational and functional with the safety measures of Covid-19.  Qurate hired 450 employees in July 2020 “to simplify streamline operating structure.


  1. Re-invented home shopping
  2. Launched Shower radio
  3. Mike Rowe got hired for selling pencil
  4. Marlon Brando wanted a job on QVC
  5. QVC has outlet stores
  6. QVC has its own talk show
  7. The first item QVC sold was $11.49 shower radio reached nearly 8 million homes in 1986
  8. Celebrities on QVC who sold items;
  • Scott Brothers. Jamie Foxx. Lisa Rinna. Catherine Zeta-Jones.
  • Lori Greiner.
  • Dennis Basso. Isaac Mizrahi.
  • Katy Perry. Chaz Dean. Bob Mackie
  • Shannon Beador. Kevin O’Leary
  1. QVC Most popular hosts are;
  • Ali Carr. Amy Stran. Carolyn Gracie.
  • Dan Hughes. David Venable. Jane Treacy.
  • Jennifer Coffey. Julia Cearley. Kerstin Lindquist.
  • Leah Williams. Mary Beth Roe. Monifa Days.
  • Nancy Yoon. Pat James DeMentri. Rachel Boesing. Rick Domeier.
  • Rosina Grosso. Sandra Bennett. Shawn Killinger. …
  • Steve Doss. Terri Conn. Vanessa Herring
  1. J


Proceed towards e-commerce

The Douglas Briggs CEO decided to take retirement in April 2005 and nominated Michael A. George, on November1, 2005. He was a chief marketing officer and general manager of the U.S. consumer business.  George was named QVC CEO on April 15, 2006

On September 23, 2007, QVC U.S. changing its logo on-air and online. It was rebranded also with the advertisement.  The tagline was very interesting “iQdoU?” which means I shop QVC, do you?

QVC was the very first shopping network which offered a native high-definition simultaneous cast channel in May 2009. First of all, 4:3 for its standard definition and feed in a 16:9. It was presented to the right of the screen rather than on both sides of the 4:3 frame.  This also allowed the network to place its graphics fully to the left and lower side of the screen.  It maximizes camera presentation space to display that ratio.  In due course, the standard definition feed was transformed to a downscaled letterboxing of the 16:9 HD channel at the provider’s headend level.

QVC began broadcasting in Italy through digital television and satellite on September 30, 2010.  In 2012, QVC started partnership with China National Radio for taking over working and functional process of its home shopping network and linked internet e-commerce site, CNR Mall. In 2014 the total joint venture reached up to 89 million households.

QVC and Ion Media became partner in 2013, this Networks brought its programming to broadcast television, through the Ion Television. QVC became the 5th digital subchannel on most Ion Television.  Operational T.V stations beginning on August 5, 2013, because of technical issues and curb.  QVC broadcasted in a squeezed full-screen and 4:3 was standard format and fulfil its standard definition. In specific areas this channel also broadcast on digital subchannel of television stations with low powered.  The QVC broadcast service branded as “QVC over the Air”, in which on-screen bug appear on the lower right corner of the screen during the network’s programming.

In 2008 QVC made a joint venture with Facebook and with Instagram in 2012 and at this time they launched’ toGather” which was considered as a social shopping platform resembling Pinterest in July 2013. This page developed a personalized newsfeed for members to view shopping recommendations for brands they chose to follow. QVC close down the site in January 2015.

Sister Channels


QVC launched a time shift channel called QVC Plus on August 22, 2013; the first channel operated through home shopping network. In the beginning it was a cable provider Bright House Networks and satellite provider DirecTV, which broadcasts the whole program for 3 to 4 hours per day.  QVC Plus was rebranded as QVC2 on April 1, 2017.  Their aim was for more live programming, which broadcast live 12 hours a day.  The schedule was Monday to Friday from noon to midnight ET and Saturdays and Sundays from 10am-10pm ET. During the global coronavirus pandemic situation, live broadcast programming was not only reduced but stopped on July 14, 2020.  They focused on repeat telecast and recorded live programs.  After that pandemic situation the situation was normalized and rescheduling programs for 13 hours live daily on July 1, 2021.


On April 1, 2019, QVC3 channel was launched with the new format and became popular like previous channels.

Recent QVC

On October 25, 2016, QVC announced the Beauty iQ, a female-oriented television channel based on beauty products. The network was launched on Dish Network and Direct TV. On March 1, 2021, BeautyiQ converted to recent QVC that is a mixture of various repeated QVC programming.

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