Instagram surpassed YouTube, Earning $ 20 billion in advertising

Facebook bought Instagram in 2012. This application is now giving Facebook a large share of the total revenue. Over a third of Facebook’s revenue in the last year came from Instagram. Instagram earned $ 20 billion last year from advertising. Not only that, but Instagram has also earned $ 5 billion more than Google’s YouTube ads. However, YouTube is the most notorious in terms of advertising.

Unlike YouTube, Instagram does not give creators anything of their income. According to Alphabet’s CFO, Ruthpratt, YouTube paid $ 8.5 billion to creators last year, while Instagram had no such spending. ۔
It’s not as if the creators on Instagram don’t earn anything. Celebrities such as Kylie Jenner or Cristiano Ronaldo earn up to $ 1 million by sharing a product and Instagram gets nothing.

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