Information technology jobs type and scope

What is Information technology and best earning jobs type in the world and their scope in IT Field

Introduction of Information Technology (IT)

Definition of Information technology is a process that uses a combination of means and methods of collecting, processing and transmitting data to obtain new quality information about the state of an object, process or phenomenon.

What is Information Technology: mobile communications, local telephone communications, long-distance and international communications, data transmission (including the Internet), and software development.

Information technology examples and professions: programmer, system administrator, mobile developer, web designer, SEO specialist, game designer, information security specialist, telecommunications and communications engineer, communications specialist.

Today, no industry is complete without information technology specialists: the collection and analysis of statistics, the rapid transfer of information has led to qualitative changes in almost every industry. Automation in production, electronic document management in public administration and medicine, distance education are vivid examples of the widespread introduction of information and communication technologies.

Information technology jobs type and scope

information technology industry jobs in Russia

The number of IT workers in Russia is approximately 850 thousand people. That is, 1% of the total working population of the country. This, by the way, is significantly less than in the leading countries in software development and technology implementation. In the USA, Great Britain and Germany, In our country, information technology is a young and rapidly developing field. Among Russian IT-companies there are several brands that are widely known abroad: Yandex, Kaspersky Lab, Softline, Abbyy, Telegram, etc.

The IT sector is attractive for its inter-nationality: many companies have offices in different countries and recruit the most qualified performers worldwide. Therefore, IT-specialists can work anywhere in the world where the Internet is available. Another characteristic of this industry is dynamism. Changes in the field of computer technology occur every 6 months, that is, new types of information transfer are invented, unique systems and services are put into operation. A true IT specialist is always forced to keep abreast and keep abreast of changes in the industry

Future of information technology

Future of IT : Global computer networks create a parallel reality: already now people communicate on the Internet, watch movies, read books, buy goods and products, and even commit crimes on the network. So, as in a real city, the network infrastructure will only flourish: social networks, shops, online cinemas, cyber police. Everything in the house will be connected to the Internet. In the future – thanks to the Internet of Things technology – a person will send a message from work (text, voice or thought), and by his arrival home the refrigerator will buy food, cook the stove, and the TV will pick up a movie novelty for viewing.


Scope of information technology in different fields:

Career scope in information technology

  • Virtual reality engineer (creates computer worlds)
  • Cyber police officer (investigates financial and information theft)
  • Consultant on the security of a personal profile (responsible for the security of personal data of the client and his positive image on the network)

How to develop in the field of IT?

IT is one of the most promising sectors in the global economy. If you like to do computer science, program at school and at home or if you want to create computer programs and games. Run your service on the Internet or come up with a new application for mobile devices. Then you should take a closer look at education in this direction.

What will help a teenager develop in IT:

✔ Visit programming, robotics, and 3D modeling clubs. In the classroom you can gain knowledge of technology. Experience in design work and the creation of the first IT products.

✔ As exams OGE and USE should choose computer science.

✔ Learn English: it is needed not only as a language for international communication, but also for reading numerous technical documents.

✔ Participate in the Professionals of the Future profile camp.

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