Huawei launched new operating system for mobile

Huawei launched new operating system for mobile Phone 2019

For Huawei, Google’s shot means they can’t use the full Android version of the system, which has a lot of impact on overseas markets, but for domestic users, the impact is almost zero.

However, in order to minimize the risk, Huawei also began to hope to do something. The latest report said that Huawei is about to launch its own mobile new operating system.

According to the Financial Times report, Tim Watkins, vice president of Huawei’s Western Europe operations, said in an interview that Huawei is preparing to release its own mobile operating system after Google said it will restrict Huawei’s Android service. Watkins said that Huawei has been building the system before, and it has been tested in some parts of China and is expected to be launched soon.

In March of this year, Huawei’s consumer business CEO Yu Chengdong said that Huawei has already prepared its own operating system. Once the Google and Microsoft operating systems can no longer be used, Huawei will be ready to start the B plan.

Last week, Yu Chengdong also said in a circle of friends, “Huawei has always insisted on building the core competence of its own chips, insisting on using and cultivating its own chips. In addition to its own chips, there are core capabilities of the operating system.”

Yu Chengdong has officially confirmed the existence of the new operating system. This fall, the new operating system will soon be installed on Huawei’s smart phones, computers, tablets and other smart devices, becoming a replacement for Android.

The smartphone market is now completely occupied by Android and iOS, and even the BlackBerry and Microsoft have suffered a fiasco. The fundamental reason is the lack of software ecology.

Ren Zhengfei also said in an interview yesterday that the technical difficulty of doing an operating system is not great, and the difficulty is ecological.

The first step in building an ecosystem for Huawei’s new system is to borrow Android software. Yu Chengdong revealed that Huawei’s self-developed mobile phone system will be fully compatible with Android applications and web applications.

The next step should be for the co-developer to build a proprietary application for the self-developed system.

Huawei's self-developed operating system is coming soon

Just two days ago, Weibo had already revealed an operating system called “Hongmeng“.

This is a one-page report report PPT of Shanghai Jiaotong University. It shows that Professor Chen Haibo led the Huawei operating system team to develop the Hongmeng operating system with independent intellectual property rights. Among them, the Linux system has been greatly optimized and has been used in the security part of Huawei mobile phones.

Professor Chen Haibo mentioned in the PPT, in addition to teaching at the School of Software, Shanghai Jiaotong University, has previously joined the Huawei Central Software Institute operating system kernel laboratory.

However, when the news broke, there was a user with the ID “Chao Wenjun 5776” who claimed this picture and said that it was only the report of the department’s results. The relevant content was confidential, and the name of Hong Meng was only a candidate.

Yesterday, Yu Chengdong further revealed the details of Huawei’s self-developed system, including the time-to-market and software ecology that everyone cares about.

In terms of time, the new operating system will be available in the fall of this year and at the latest in the spring of next year.

The features are more bright.

The first highlight is that it has opened up devices such as mobile phones, computers, tablets, TVs, cars and smart wearers.

That is to say, almost all major electronic devices on the market can use a common operating system. As long as the hardware can support it, you no longer have to worry that the mobile phone cannot open the computer-specific software format file when there is no computer nearby. . Perhaps, you can also use the mobile phone to play PC games in the traditional sense, install a mouse and keyboard for the car, and the designer can map on the co-pilot.

huawei new operating system

Latest huawei new mobile phone operating system Vs Android

Another highlight is that the existing Android application and web application can also be fully compatible, which is equivalent to moving the original PC Internet ecology and Android ecosystem to the new operating system. As long as the Android application is recompiled, you can move directly to On the new operating system.

This is a must-have feature for using the new operating system at this point in time. After the iOS and Android ecosystems mature, almost all the apps of mainstream manufacturers must update the two versions. If the third incompatible operating system is rushed, I am afraid that the acceptance cost is quite high for both manufacturers and users.

Therefore, after compatibility, Internet companies do not need to develop software specifically for the new operating system, and users can seamlessly switch. Don’t worry about using this new system, like Windows Phone users in previous years. I can only watch the friends who use iOS and Android use the latest apps, but their phones can’t be downloaded and installed.

In addition, after the Android application is recompiled, the running performance will increase by more than 60% on this new operating system, which is a future-oriented micro kernel.

However, Yu Chengdong did not confirm that the legendary “Hong Meng” is the name of this new operating system.


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