Google Losses $425 Million Yearly After the Ban on Huawei Phones

Google Losses $425 Million Yearly After the Ban on Huawei Phones

Google Losses $425 Million Yearly After the Ban on Huawei Phones

According to Trump’s blacklist, Google recently cut the products offered to Huawei. This step will result in a loss of $ 425 million in annual revenue in the United States. A securities research company named Nomura Instinet discovered the loss and announced it publicly. As of now, Google will not license Huawei’s Android smartphone software.

Recently, the United States has blacklisted Huawei, a well-known Chinese smartphone manufacturer. According to the latest report, a well-known research company estimates that the revenues of the technological giant Google will go down from 375 million dollars to 425 million dollars, because it no longer allows the famous Chinese smartphone manufacturer, Huawei, to use Android, for what the users of the Chinese company can not Download any application from the Google Play Store technology giant.

Trump government blacklist Huawei, Google can’t do anything about these losses

Google did not say anything about this because the Trump administration recently blacklisted Huawei. Almost all US companies will not do any business with this Chinese smartphone manufacturer.

The Huawei device launched by the company from now on will not be able to use Google Android. Older phones now will not receive updates or security patches from Google Forms.

According to Instinet, Huawei has 500 million smartphone users worldwide. 52% of them are in China and are not available on Google Play. Other markets that have had a major impact on this decision are Asia (excluding China) and Europe.

Google generated $ 7 billion in Play Store sales in 2018, of which $ 388 million came from Huawei phones. The most important generator of these sales is Europe.

The report also noted that Google’s loss effect will not last long, because after learning that Google is absent, there will be many people who will switch from Huawei to other mobile phones. Although Huawei has announced its own operating system, users are not very sure about this.

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In addition to all this, the US government simply blacklisted China’s Huawei telecommunications technology group last week. Now, Chinese smartphone manufacturer Huawei faces many accusations from the US Department of Justice, which include economic oversight activities and breach of orders. United States sanctions against Iran Wait a minute So, what do you think about this? Just share all your thoughts and ideas in the comments section below. If you like this article, do not forget to share this article with your friends and family.

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