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Facebook is taking several steps to prevent data leakage to your platform. In this regard, Facebook has limited the personality quiz. Eddy Neil, director of product management at Facebook, said in a blog post that they will no longer allow privacy issues to improve security.

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Facebook also said it will end access to many old API developers from April 30 to April.
At the same time, the user restricts access to data in applications that do not improve the user experience. FPS indicates that if the user does not use the application for 90 days, the Facebook application user does not grant the user access to the data. It means.

Nearly a year after the scandal of Cambridge Anatetica, a British political consultancy, security Facebook has taken this step.

Cambridge Anatetica has access to personal data without the consent of 77 million users and uses Quiz applications similar to Professor Alexander Sogan of Cambridge University. . Payment is made at Cambridge in Antalya. 10 The goal of this digital life (thisisyourdigitallife) is to create a voter profile for the trump activity in US elections until 2016 to collect user data. …

The consumers at the beginning of this section increase consumer confidence. Last year, according to a report by the Pew Research Center, 54% of adult Americans said they changed Facebook privacy settings after the meeting.
Facebook’s ban on security quizzes is not an important step in restoring Facebook’s trust.

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