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How to Delete All Emails At Once on Android and IOS

How to Delete All Emails At Once on Android and IOS

How to delete all emails at once on Android or mobile iphone

In the past, you had to select each email one by one. To delete unwanted emails from your account. That was a tiring exercise for anyone to do. But now the old methods are changed by new ones. You want to delete all emails at once but don’t know how to delete all emails at once on Android and IOS

Don’t worry because in the next section you will get to know easy and effective steps to delete emails at once. 

Why do you need to delete emails? 

First, a question arises why you want to delete emails at once.

Well, there are unwanted emails like spam emails, horoscope emails, and others. These emails harm you because they contain phishing attacks. They are done by scammers or hackers who want to steal your info. And to get benefits from you by achieving your credentials. But emails like horoscope emails, soliciting emails, and others take inbox space. 

So, you need free space and protection from the unwanted bulk of emails. That’s why you should delete all emails at once on Android and IOS. This is very beneficial for you to do. It helps to enhance search speed. Also, increase your device’s performance in an appropriate way.  

How to Delete All Emails at Once on Android and IOS:

There are some ways to delete all emails at once on Android and IOS. They are described one by one in the below section:

All Emails at Once on Android:

Mostly, people use the Gmail app on their Android phones. Because Gmail is an exceptional email service provider by Google. The best way to delete all emails at once on Android is to use a third-party app like Clean Email. 


First, install the Clean Email app on your Android phone. Then allow it to organize your emails. It organizes them into Quick clean and smart views like social network emails or old emails. Then click a button for email Zen. You can delete emails at once on Android with a click.  

Don’t be afraid of using this method because the Clean Email app doesn’t delete your important email. Also, it helps you to find out if your personal info was stolen or not. This filter assists you distinguish emails sent by real people and by automated systems. It provides filters, sorting, and grouping of emails to help you delete all emails at once. 

Using Chrome Browser App:

To delete emails from a Gmail account while using Chrome browser. Here’s what you need to do are:

Launch your Chrome browser app on your Android phone. Visit through the web browser. Sign in with your Google credentials. Now you have arrived at the inbox, tap on the menu icon present at the upper-left of the screen. Click on the menu and it opens a list of options like inbox, labels, and others. 

Scroll down the menu options and you will see the Desktop link at the bottom (click on it). Now click on the HTML version if you want to otherwise click standard. Go to the desktop version of Gmail on your device. Scroll down to the bottom and click on a standard link to view Gmail in standard view. 

For instance, you want to delete Facebook emails. So, type Facebook in the search bar and you will see all emails that contain the Facebook word. To delete the inbox messages as a whole, checkmark the selector box (present below the search bar) and by default, it will select 50 emails at once. Now tap on the trash button to delete emails at once. 

To delete emails up to 100 then click on the settings icon. On there, look for the maximum page size and change its number to 100. It displays 100 emails in your Gmail inbox. Return to your inbox and now you can delete 100 emails at once.   


Delete All Emails at once on IOS:

There is a hidden method in IOS to delete all emails in Inbox. But keep reading this till the end to know it. 

Go to the inbox or other mailboxes that have no ‘’Delete All’’ and click edit on the top corner. Select one email by keeping it pressed and hold the ‘’Move’’ on the bottom. Then uncheck the email you selected. Make sure that you don’t release ‘’Move’’ until you uncheck all the items you checked before.  

It will bring you to a new page that allows you to move all emails to another folder like trash or junk. So, you can move all emails at once to trash. After moving all emails to trash just click Edit => ‘’Delete All’’ in the trash. Delete all emails at once on IOS. Now go to the trash folder and clean all emails. 

In a nutshell:

Deleting all emails at once on Android and IOS is very beneficial for you. This provides you with more free space along with the high speed of a smartphone. The overall performance of your device gets much better.

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