The company introduced a 7-screen laptop

A company called Expanscape has introduced a new type of laptop prototype at CES. The laptop has an additional 6 digits integrated screen.
The Aurora 7 (prototype Aurora 7) has 4-digit 17.2-inch UHD screens, while the 3-digit screen size is 7 inches (1920×1200 pixel resolution). One of the 7-inch screens is an integrated touch screen.
The company says this laptop has a Core i9-9900K and a GTX card.

The whole system runs on the same battery, but the company did not disclose the battery capacity and battery timing. The company created this laptop for security managers, data scientists and graphics designers. Among other things, it can also be used as a mobile security operation center.

The company introduced a 7-screen laptop

Introducing several screens on a laptop is not a new idea. In 2009, the ThinkPad W700ds was introduced with the same idea, with a 17-inch screen with an extra-expandable 10.6-inch screen.

In 2017, Razer introduced the laptop’s prototype with three-four screens.
The company also introduced the prototype of a portable pocket-size server called TeenySERV, which also has a 7-inch two (1920×1200) screen and a small keyboard with background lighting. This server has Core i7 and 64GB RAM. It also has a programmable Arduino microcontroller.

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