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Best free calorie counter & tracker app

Best free calorie counter & tracker app

Best free calorie counter app 2023

In the old times, people didn’t care about their health. They became obese by intake of inappropriate food. Nowadays, people are more conscious about their health and fitness. They keep track of their diet through calorie counter apps. This is the best way to become a healthy person. There are the top 8 best calories counter apps on the Internet. They are very beneficial for your health in an appropriate way.

Best food tracking app free:

The 8 best calorie counter apps are designed with extensive food databases, barcodes for quick scanning, and other advanced tools. They allow you to keep track of your food intake. This is done to give you a healthy lifestyle in the long run. They all are described one by one in the below section:

Best food tracking app free

  • MyFitnessPal

This is the best free calories counter app for 2023 for health purposes. It has more than 11 million food databases with 200+ million users. Many nutritionists call this best app the queen of diet and calorie counters. One of its impressive features is that you can log restaurant items. 

By using it, you can count intake calories and can view your weight loss progress. It allows you to connect with friends to share your healthy diet. This has a very exceptional user-friendly interface. MyFitnessPal calculates the calories you take in your breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 


You can track the nutrients in your diet accurately. For instance, you eat a single patty of hamburger and this app will tell you that you took 311 calories. So, it will suggest you eat a bowl of oats that is healthy as it contains 303 calories. These are healthy calories that keep you fit for the long term. 


  • 11 million food database
  • Includes Barcode scanner
  • Can download recipes online
  • Calculates the calorie of each serving
  • MyFitnessPal Free version


  • Multiple entries may exist for the same product
  • The free version misses the barcode scanning

 This app is for both Android and iPhone.  

best free calories counter app for 2023

  • Lifesum

It is one of the top 8 best calories counter apps on the Internet. This focuses on motivating people about their health. Because some folks inhibit food eating and get eating disorders. So, it teaches healthy facts about food intake. This provides a meal rating system that explains whether food is nutritious or not. 


It doesn’t use good or bad labeling on foods. This keeps track of your water intake and adjusts your calorie for your daily routine. You can log into this app manually or with a barcode scanner. By using it, you can create your favorite recipes.  

This is a free calorie counter app but it has premium subscriptions. For an annual subscription, Lifesum charges $4.17 per month. It includes many features like detailed nutrient breakdown, educational content, and others. 


  • Collaborates calorie counting with healthy eating 
  • Helps in achieving weight loss goals
  • For various diets, it offers meal plans
  • Motivates about healthy eating routine


  • Only import or export data to and from the App store
  • Meal plans are for its premium subscribers

This free calorie counter app is for iPhone and Android

top 8 best calories counter apps

  • Noom

Noom helps you to lose weight and sustain a healthy weight loss. You can log into this best free calorie-tracking app. All you have to do is to provide your info like your name, age, gender, weight, and others. Your info is safe and secured on this app. 

It takes a psychology-based approach to weight management. This offers many features like calorie counting, education, and health coaching. It guides its users about their eating habits through motivational teachings. This tells them to quit unhealthy eating on a daily basis. 

Noom highlights the more calorie-containing food in red color and nutritious foods in green color to regulate food intake. When a user signs in to this app and it pairs that user with an expert coach. The person and expert have a weekly live chat. Users can reach out to the Noom community as they provide 24/7 customer service. 


  • More than 1000+ meal plans
  • Personal coaching with weekly live chat
  • Includes barcode scanner and picture scanning
  • Encourages lifestyle changes


  • No free version before two weeks of use
  • Different response rates for coaches

Noom is the best calories tracker app for iPhone and Android.

free calorie counter app

  • Lose It!

This is one of the top 8 best calorie counter apps. It is another health tracker that includes a healthy food diary and exercise planning. This is a remarkable weight loss app that provides accurate calorie counting. 

Lose It uses a user-friendly interface for convenient use. You have to give your age, height, weight, and weight loss goals. Because this works according to all your provided info. 

It offers a personalized recommendation for calorie intake. Also, tracks user’s calories on its homepage. This has a large food database and users can add their food items to its food dairy. It represents weight changes on a graph and gives access to the chat community. 


  • User-friendly interface for convenient use
  • Large food database with a variety of food items
  • Set reminders to track your meal and snacks


  • Can’t calculate homemade food calories
  • Doesn’t track micronutrients

 You can get a calorie counter by Lose It on both Android and iPhone

  • FatSecret

It includes a nutrition database, food dairy, a weight chart, and much more for healthy weight loss. Also, it provides healthy recipes along with a journal. Moreover, FatSecret has an exercise planning dairy to do fitness exercises. This has a barcode scanner that scans your packaged food items. 

FatSecret’s homepage shows calories along with their breakdown of protein, carbs, fat, and other nutrients. It displays each meal throughout the day. For example, 1 serving of bacon with eggs in breakfast contains 682 calories. Anyone can keep track of their calories because of this free calorie counter app

This offers a monthly summary that gives the total calories consumed each day throughout the month. One of its best features is that it tracks overall detailed weight loss progress.       


  • Extensive database of supermarket and restaurant foods
  • Highlights food items of users to guide others about that item.


  • Has a complex interface

 This is the calorie counter app free for iPhone and Android.

calorie counter app free for android and iphone

  • Cronometer

Cronometer is one of the 8 best calorie counter apps on the Internet. It allows tracking calories, biometrics, and much more. This offers a diverse range of features that helps to know nutritional value. It assists users to consume healthy eatables on a daily basis. 

Moreover, it helps to develop healthy habits along with a proper exercise routine. It has a food diary that is simple and user-friendly. Below the food dairy, there is a bar chart showing a breakdown of carbs, fat, and other components. 

As a result, it displays the total consumed calories throughout the day. This keeps track of 82 micronutrients and macronutrients. 


  • Convenient to use
  • Provides voiceover support for accessibility 
  • Offers healthy recipes to reach a healthy lifestyle
  • Valuable charts and reports of calorie uptake 


  • Can’t add homemade food recipes
  • Expensive Gold Subscription

 This is the best calorie tracker app for iPhone and Android.  


  • MyPlate Calorie Counter 

This provides detailed nutritional info about every meal. It offers simple graphs and charts to display progress on a daily basis. This MyPlate calorie counter app is a helping hand for people who are health conscious. It assists to achieve weight loss goals

It offers a free eight-week meal plan that is suitable for people. Moreover, this can be synced with other apps like Apple Health, Google Fit, and others. 

Anyone can use MyPlate calorie counter because it offers many remarkable features. One of its best features is that it offers a platform for the community. You can share your weight loss stories with other users.      


  • Counts calories and represent them through graphs
  • Community support and weight loss stories
  • Workout suggestions


  • Expensive premium subscription
  • Limited recipes in the free version

This is the best MyPlate calorie counter app for iPhone and Android.  


best MyPlate calorie counter app for

  • MyNetDiary 

It’s one of the 8 best calorie counter apps for people’s health. This helps you to track your calories throughout the day. Moreover, it assists to track all of the nutritional info about components. 

For instance, you want to know how many carbs you are taking in a fry’s intake. So, this best calorie counter app will tell you that you took 41 carbs in 1 serving of French Fries. So, it’s the best to use for achieving healthy weight loss

This lets you customize your daily calorie intake that is used for maintaining weight. It provides nutrient and meal analysis along with macro charts. Also, let you import recipes to calculate their nutritional details. It has a free version along with paid subscriptions. 


  • Helps to improve diet quality
  • Syncs with other health apps
  • Connects with dietitian’s community


  • Bounded activity options
  • Advanced features require paid subscriptions

It’s one of the best free calorie counter app for iPhone and Android.  



In a nutshell:

The calorie counter apps are best to use for healthy weight loss. Moreover, they help to keep track of calorie intake. And they are very beneficial for achieving a healthy lifestyle in the long term.

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