Apple launch iPhone 9 and iPad Pro

Apple launch iPhone 9 and iPad Pro

Apple can launch the iPhone 9 and iPad Pro on March 31

For several months, there were reports of the upcoming Apple iPhone 9 / SE2 smartphone. The phone is expected to be released in mid-March, but according to recent reports, it will be released by the end of March. Sales of this entry-level iPhone will begin in the first week of April, and the release of this phone will be held on March 31. The successor iPhone SE will appear in stores in April.

According to the report, the next-generation iPad Pro series is already in production.

Its sales should also begin in April. The new tablet can be launched with the new cheap iPhone, but the epidemic of the Crown virus can significantly affect the production of the tablet, so it can be postponed. Apple may introduce a limited number of tablets.
According to rumors, the camera setup on the new Apple Pro tablets has been improved. It includes a 3D DTOF model on the back.
In addition to the new iPhone and iPad, Apple may also introduce a new version of the 13-inch MacBook Pro at the event.

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