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9 Best Scientific Calculator Apps in 2023

9 Best Scientific Calculator Apps in 2023

This is the era of app development all around the world. Now, people prefer to use apps instead of physical objects. Almost everyone is using calculator apps to perform complex calculations. Instead of doing each computation with their hand. There are the top 9 best scientific calculator apps in 2023 for Android. Read this till the end to know more aspects. 

9 Best Scientific Calculator Apps in 2023 for Android:

These are the best calculator apps for Android on the Internet. They come with spectacular features that can be applied to each field. The most common and impressive apps are discussed below:

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  • ClevCalc

This is the best scientific calculator app for Android. ClevCalc is developed by Cleveni, Inc. It has millions of users along with a 4.5 rating. This handles all the computations for daily use. The interface of the app is user-friendly as compared to others. 

There is a wide range of features like unit conversion, currency conversion, and much more. This has the common fundamental functions of a calculator. Moreover, it contains basic logarithm and trigonometric sums. 

  • Stylish Calculator – Calcu

It’s trusted by millions of users all around the world. The developer of this calculating app is Designer Calculators. This app has a stylish and impressive interface that makes it popular on the Internet. 

This has all the scientific capabilities to fulfill its user’s requirements. It has features like calculation history, themes, gesture controls, and others. Calcu is free to download on Android but removing ads costs $1.99.

  • RealCalc Scientific Calculator 

The designer of this RealCalc Scientific Calculator app is Quartic Software. This is one of the 9 best scientific calculator apps in 2023 for Android. Its interface is a typical one, the same as a real hand-held calculator. 

For instance, you can convert base or derived units through it. Moreover, you input physics and chemical calculations on this app. RealCalc gives you accurate computations in a few seconds. 

  • Desmos Graphing Calculator 

It plots equations from lines, parabolas, regressions, and derivatives. This is not only a calculator but also a graph converter. Desmos Graphic Calculator computes graphs, tables, and much more. Moreover, it lets us customize tables and stats very efficiently. 

This is free to install on your Android device. You can use it to make precise graphs with less effort. The interface of this app is user-friendly. That’s why it’s very famous on the Play Store. Most people use it to get accurate computations. 

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  • HiPER Scientific Calculator  

This is one of the 9 best scientific calculator apps in 2023 for Android. It’s developed by HiPER Labs and trusted by millions of people. The rating of this app is 4.5 stars on the Play Store. 

It is best for educational use because this has multiple features. This has a built-in unit converter of more than 200 units. However, it’s aspects like permutations and many more. 

  • Financial Calculators

The developer of it is Bishinews with a rating of 4.4 stars. This app assists in calculating finance computations. For instance, student loan repayment, retirement calculator list, and much more related to finance. 

This is free to download on an Android phone without an in-app purchase. Its functions are credit card payoff calculator, APR calculator, ROI calculator, and compound interest calculator. Financial Calculators have a wide range of advantages for their users.

  • Photomath

This is an advanced scientific calculator that helps to solve math problems. It helps to scan documents, texts, and pages to decode equations. However, this explains procedures for solving operations very efficiently. This allows you to select methods of procedures. 

Its developer is Photomath, Inc., and installed on Android phones. This is trusted by millions of users with a 4.3 rating. You can learn geometry, arithmetic, and algebra by using them. After that, you feel confident in your math skills. As a result, you will get good grades in your math subject. This is one of the 9 best scientific calculator apps in 2023 for Android.  

  • Scientific Calculator He – 580

The developer of Scientific Calculator He – 580 is HiEdu – Development scientific calculator. It has millions of users with a rating of 4.2 stars. This has a simple interface that makes it easy to use. 

Through this Android app, you get interactive step-by-step explanations. However, you can learn mathematics in your own native language. The app has diverse scientific features on its keyboard. 

  • Scientific Calculator Free

This is a remarkable calculator app for elementary students to advance careers like accounting engineering. It has a wide range of extensive catalog of computing functions. It’s a user-friendly calculator for math tasks. In this, you find a basic arithmetic calculation, fraction resolution, and others.

It supports predefined scientific constants and variables. This follows solutions for linear equations, trigonometric problems, hyperbolic operations, graphs, and many other things. This is downloaded on Android phones and gives benefits to its users. It’s one of the 9 best scientific calculator apps in 2023 for Android.  


In a nutshell:

These calculator apps provide many advantages to their users. They made mathematics an easy subject for everyone. You can use any of them to get excellent grades in your study. 

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