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9 best pregnancy workout apps for android and iOS

9 best pregnancy workout apps for android and iOS

Pregnancy workout at home:

Yoga is one of the best exercises that require less physical activity. It helps in soothing your body and relaxing your mind. Prenatal yoga has been the best exercise during pregnancy and helps develop a healthy mind and body and a better relationship. 

With technology, you do not have to worry about anything. There are plenty of workout applications for pregnant ladies, helping them lead a healthy and calm pregnancy. You can Install the app during your pregnancy, which will help you throughout the nine months.

Celebration is a must when you find out about your pregnancy, with everything going around you get tired easily so be healthy and make every step of your life stronger. The pregnancy workout apps help you maintain your body and keep it healthy.

Let’s dive into it!

Pregnancy workout at home

Pregnancy workouts week by week:

  • Kegel trainer

What you need in your pregnancy is only moral support. Well, no you need more than that. Kegel trainer is making your 9 months memorable through a healthy workout plan. The workout sessions you need are between 3 seconds to 3 minutes.

Very easy-to-do sessions and daily reminders for workouts help you not miss out on any day. As food is important, so is the workout in pregnancy to keep you and the baby healthy.

You can customize the app for visual, audio, or vibration to guide you in exercise.

You can get the apps from the following link



Pregnancy workouts week by week

  • Baby2Body

Your best app for workouts is baby2body. During your pregnancy, you can get plenty of apps but the best one is they provide you with every kind of reminder and exercise. The powerful pregnancy app has a lot of features that help you during your pregnancy.

This is an app that will make you healthier with a diet plan and the plans that help you make a better nine months.

You can get the app from the following link.



  • Pregnancy exercise and workout at home

The beneficial workout that helps you have the best time in your pregnancy and workout keeps you healthy and calm. Yoga is a recommended exercise that helps clear your mind and makes your mood fresh. This pregnancy exercise has been scheduled for sessions at home. You do not have to go to the gym for a workout, now you can do it at your home. 

You can get the app from the following link.



  • Prenatal yoga/ Down Dog

There is a lot of pressure and stiffness in the muscles due to a human growing inside you. you can relieve the pain by doing yoga. Yoga for a mom-to-be is different with different positions and you can get better ideas and sessions from the app specially designed for pregnant ladies.

Parental yoga is one of the best apps that can help make everything possible even during pregnancy. These 9 months are very tough because of their sensitive nature but the strong will in women makes them carry a little human inside their tummies.

You can get the app from the following link




  • FitOn workouts

This app does not let you sit back even if you are pregnant. Your workout will not be missed because this will keep reminding you about the daily routine. You can fill in and put the information about your pregnancy and which week you are on and this will keep you fit.

Get the app from the following link



ToneIt up Workout and Fitness

  • ToneIt up: Workout and Fitness

Your health needs a proper plan of workout and diet. During pregnancy, you might get tired of always carrying a bump and this will make you keep yourself fit. Toneit up as its name describes the function, you have to keep your body and mind healthy and smart. 

The features of this app make it one of the best and most downloaded apps. There is nothing that you cannot do when you have an active body and mind. Calm thoughts and blood circulation are very important so you need to stay fit.

You can get the apps from these link




  • Juna

Your life-altering moment is when you find out about the pregnancy. You need to stay active and healthy during these 9 months and for that, there are plenty of apps that help you achieve the goal. Juna is one of these apps which has a lot of features that make you have the best and most flexible times. 

Get the app from the following link



  • Mover your bump

This app is recommended by the specialist and encourages you to move your bump during these 9 months. Mood swings and all the hormonal disturbances can make your time miserable. 

This app comes with meal planning and this way you can easily get your food plan and workout sessions with one app.

Install the app now




  • Pregnancy Yoga Exercise

The best yoga in pregnancy is done through pregnancy yoga exercises. Your pregnancy needs full 24/7 care and makes your movement easy because yoga makes you have the best time. The best exercise doctors recommend yoga exercise as it calms and soothes your soul and body.

You can get the app from the following


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What are the best pregnancy workout apps?

Pregnancy workout apps are best explained above and you can Install them from the provided links. 


Move your bump

ToneIt up

Yoga exercises

Pregnancy exercises etc.


  • What exercise is good for a 9 months pregnant woman?

The yoga app is best for 9 months pregnant women and this helps relax the stiff muscles and a lot of pressure that is built during pregnancy.

  • How much walk is required in the 9th month of pregnancy?

When you are 9th month pregnant you should not avoid walking as it helps the cardiovascular system. You can walk a block when you are 9th months pregnant.

  • Can I do squats while pregnant?

It is highly recommended for pregnant ladies and it helps you achieve the goal of normal delivery.

  • What is the safest exercise while pregnant?

Yoga is the safest exercise you can do during pregnancy. You can Install the above-explained apps for your exercise.

Final words:

Moms-to-be can have a very stressful day and you should consider the health of your child and yours as a priority. To help you achieve the goal of a healthy pregnancy you can Install any of these apps that suit you best. Your health is a priority and fitness comes along. The basic exercises are best required for the better time of these 9 months.


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