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7 Top Best Hair Stylist Apps for android and IOS

7 Top Best Hair Stylist Apps for android and IOS

Best app for self-employed hairdresser

In this era, everyone is looking for unique ideas about everything they do whether it is clothes, shoes, or hairstyles. You have plenty of options as a customer but as a stylist, you need to get inspiration to do a more versatile style on your customer’s hair.

Everything is on the phone, right? So why does the hair stylist have to struggle for more innovative designs? Here are the 7 best hair stylist apps for android and IOS. Are you ready to get detailed information about hairstyles and the apps we can use?

 Let us get started!

7 best hair stylist apps for android and IOS:

For Android and iPhone:

Booking and Scheduling 

Vagaro pro

The best hairstyle app for android and iPhone is the app that describes all the styles and shows you the options for styles. As a hairstylist, you can register your salon and people using apps like Vagaro pro can find your salon and book an appointment. Your customers can easily find you and have a fixed time to come and get their hair done. The hairstyle apps will make your life easy because every day you have to change your style or after a week. Hairstyling can be done at home by following the tips and techniques. The hairstylist helps you look exactly the way you want. 

This app helps you find spas, hair salons, and many more options as well. You do not have to worry about it anymore. It is one click away that you can book your appointment so that you do not have to wait in a long queue for your turn.


  • Pricing and appointment
  • Discount offers
  • Completely online
  • Remind you about the appointment


Booksy for customers

You are worried about being the one who waits all day long in the spa and medical store. But now you do not have to because this booksy app books your appointment with the pharmacist and your hairstylist. You just have to Install the app and see the wonders it plays in your life. 

This helps you ease your life regarding beauty and medicine. When you are stressed out, the only thing that can cheer you up is getting your hair done by a professional hairstylist. 


  • Your interest-based market research
  • Sign up for beauty and medical as well
  • You can reschedule your appointment


The cut

As the world is giving everyday new fashion with unique styles. Men need their barber every week because hair growth is quite impressive. Hairstylist is not only for women but men also who want to look classy with unique and decent hairstyles. The free hairstyle app for android and iPhone can help you make your hair looks good. The cut helps the barber and the client to fix the appointment. It makes it easy for both of them as no one has to wait. Hairstyle apps make our lives easier by giving us plenty of options to choose our favorite salon with a professional stylist. 

A booking app is just helping you with everything you are looking for in the best possible ways. The client and barber can book the appointment and even reschedule it if you do not find time to go. 


  • Easy to use
  • Schedule your appointment
  • Free to use to some extent
  • Choose your stylist



The best apps for stylists can be Installed both in android and iPhone from google PlayStore or apple store respectively. The app helps you take care of your beauty and hair. Your hair is the most visible and it always should look good.  To make your hair look good you need a hairstylist who is the best and most professional. 


  • Manageable calendar
  • Automated text reminder
  • Product sale track
  • Multiple locations



You do not have to beg for an appointment from your hairstylist. You can book your appointment for up to three days and get reminders so you do not miss it. There are many apps like hair color which can test hairstyles on your face for free. The hairstylist can get the idea of which hairstyle will suit your face. This app helps you create your calendar according to your work schedule.


  • Up to 3 days in booking
  • On-time booking
  • Best app for online salon booking
  • Notification pop-ups for a new cut 



The app has millions of Installs that show how easily you can book your salon appointment without having to wait for it. You can be caught up in your work life that almost forget about the hairstylist. Now, this app will notify you whenever you need a hairstyle.


  • Keep track of important notes from clients
  • Get paid more for popular time slots
  • Photo sharing of your hairstyles
  • Upload your portfolio



The salon and spas are saving time and making us look fresh and stylish. We all need to go and have an appointment there once a month at least. For booking, it was quite a hustle back then but not now. You can book your hairstylist appointment online through apps like fresha. 


  • Book, cancel and reschedule
  • Best prices
  • Instore experience
  • Thousands of venue options


We all want to look good and our hair is the most noticeable part. You want healthy hair and want to look good. Your hairstyle mostly decides the volume of your hair. You can get the best ideas from the 7 best hairstylist apps for android and IOS explained above. These will help you decide on the best hairstyles and keep you updated about the new trendy fashion.

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